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Before calling our team when you have a problem with either your boiler or heating system, check the following useful tips below, as it could be something simple. Find our latest tips and advice on saving money and improving your heating system down the right.

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Common Issues

  • Oil Boiler Failure
    - Check you have adequate oil in the tank, if you have a sight gauge you may need to press or turn a button to let the level in the gauge settle.
    - Ensure the fire valve hasn’t accidentally tripped, press the reset button on the side of the main body.
    - Remove the front cover of the boiler to see if the red lock out light is lit, if so push the reset button on the burner to restart. Only try this twice.
    - There may be an overheat thermostat that may need to be reset.
  • Gas Boiler Failure
    - If you have a newish boiler, with a digital display, check if there is a fault code displayed. Then look in the boiler manual to see what the description is, as you may had a power cut which has caused an overheat which can be rectified by pushing the reset button.
    - Another common failure is due to lack of water in the boiler/system and you should be able to add more water yourself (see instructions) before resetting the boiler.
    - If you have an old boiler then check to see if the pilot is alight, if not follow the instructions on the boiler casing to relight it.
  • Heating Control Issues
    - Make sure the power supply to the heating system is turned on at the plug or isolation switch, this is normally located by the boiler or in the airing cupboard.
    - Check the programmer is working and is set correctly with the heating in the on position.
    - Ensure the room thermostat is turned up, if it’s a dial type you should either hear a click when you turn it up or see a flame symbol if it’s digital.
    - Inspect the boiler to see if there is a fault code or lock out displayed. You will need to refer to the boiler manufacturer’s instructions before touching the boiler.
    - If you have stored fuel such as oil or LPG, check you have enough fuel.

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