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Heating System Cleaning

Heating System Cleaning
We just recently powerflushed a small 3 radiator heating system and removed a lot of black sludge (magnetite). Sean is holding two magnet bars, from our powerflushing machine, which collect the magnetite from the heating systems when we carry out a powerflush.

Remember this is from just 3 radiators, an average house will have approximately 10 radiators to clean!

This shows the importance of ensuring the heating system is properly cleaned, especially when fitting a new boiler onto an existing heating system. Without adequate cleaning magnetite will get into the boiler and damage it, which will not be covered by a manufacturers guarantee. Magnetite left in heating systems also reduces efficiency, can create blockages and costly premature component failures.

If you have heating circulation problems or just want to improve the efficiency of you heating system then give us a call to see how we can help you.

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