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Honeywell Evohome Heating Controls

The Honeywell Evohome

A sophisticated, yet easy to operate, multi-zone wireless heating and hot water control system. The latest Evohome can control up to 12 heating zones and hot water, with the ability to allow remote access whilst away from home via the internet.


Honeywell Evohome One


Honeywell Evohome is a multi-zone heating controller suitable for any home operating wet heating systems with radiators and/or underfloor heating. Evohome is ideal for use in larger properties such as large family houses, luxury apartments, multiple occupancy apartments and light commercial spaces such as surgeries and small offices.



Heating Zones

A heating zone is an area, for which you want to control separately with one room sensor or thermostat. A zone can be one room or a group of rooms, with a single heat source, like a radiator or underfloor heating, to as many heat sources within the zone as you like. Heating systems will normally be controlled with one room thermostat, this means that the whole house is either on or off. With Evohome you can separate the house by up to 12 areas/zones, with the ability of controlling the time and temperature separately for each zone. This allows for the reduction of heat in certain areas at different time periods, therefore reducing the amount of fuel used.

Honeywell Evohome Two



Honeywell Evohome Three


Radiator Controllers

The Evohome system controls each radiator with HR92 wireless radiator controller, which fit onto standard thermostatic valve bodies.




Room Thermostats

Underfloor heating zones are controlled by DTS92 wireless room thermostats, which work in conjunction with HCC80R wireless manifold controllers.

Honeywell Evohome Four
Honeywell Evohome Five



Honeywell Evohome Six
Honeywell Evohome Seven

Remote Access

The Evohome system can be controlled remotely by a smartphone or tablet app, when a remote access gateway is connected to the internet network within the property. This is great for people who do a lot of travelling away from home and want to operate their heating remotely, enabling them to bring on the heating before they arrive home, ensuring  a warm welcome.




Please see the below list of advisories based on the information you have provided us.

  • We have made the assumption that our radiator controllers will fit on any existing valves you have. If you do not have the correct valve, your installer will be able to advise you.
  • Based on what you have told about your under floor heating, we believe you are using a manifold to control the flow of water. Your Installer will need to verify this.

The Internet Gateway requires 1x power outlet and 1x network port on your broadband router.