Hot Water Temperature

Do you know what is the right temperature for the hot water for your bath, shower and kitchen to be safe – yet still save money?

The answer is: More than 46, but less than 70 degrees Celsius. Why?

Because a hot water temperature over 46° (ideally 60+) should ensure legionella bacteria – the cause of Legionnaires’ Disease – do not survive,.

But anything over 70° is wasting money in #gas and #electricity #energy #fuel bills, creates unnecessary #carbon and can cause painful scalding – particularly for children.

At Premier Heating Surrey we recommend setting your hot water tank thermostat to 60 degrees.

This is a good balance which keeps your water hot enough for washing, yet safe from bacteria.

It also reduces the risk of scalding accidents and helps you to #SaveMoney and reduce carbon emissions !

How to check your hot water temperature

To check your hot water temperature setting look for the thermostat attached to your hot water tank.

You should find it about a third of the way up from the bottom in a slot cut into the insulating foam.

It may be held in place with tape or a tie wrap or similar – please see our photo.

If the thermostat is set to less than 55 degrees Celsius, or more than 70 degrees Celsius, simply adjust it to 60° to be sure, safe and economical.

Be certain about your hot water

Sometimes thermostats fail or become inaccurate.

To be sure your hot water temperature is correct contact our friendly plumbers.

We have the right equipment to check the exact temperature of the water coming out of the taps in your home or business.

And we can check the working and accuracy of your thermostat.

So if you don’t know if your hot water temperature is safe, or if you are spending more than you should on energy and fuel bill, then why not give us a call?

We will be delighted to help!