Do you want to Boost your water main flow rates or pressure?

Do you have or want a combination boiler or mains-fed plumbing system (like a Megaflo) but don’t have good water flow or pressure?

Then we can help!!!

More houses are using the water main to directly feed all the taps and showers, rather than having gravity fed supplies from a cold water tank in the loft.

This can have advantages such as a great flow rates and high pressures from the taps and showers without the need for pumps, although this relies upon the water main being able to deal with the demand.

Where poor flow rates are evident from water mains, an accumulator can be fitted to boost the water flow to the taps and showers. This can also help larger properties where multiple taps or showers are used at the same time, causing a high demand on the water main.

An accumulator is a large vessel that stores water under pressure, which is released into the plumbing system when the water main can’t cope with the demand. This keeps the water flow rate at a constant rate.

Where low water pressures are also evident, a booster pump will also be required to pump the water into the accumulator.

The picture shows an accumulator fitted on the left, along with two unvented Worcester cylinders, to keep constant water flow rates at a large house with four bathrooms.

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