Church Boiler Upgrade for Greater Efficiency & Reliability

These are two old commercial gas boilers, fitted at a church in Guildford, were unreliable and inefficient. So we replaced them with new boilers and controls just before Christmas, ensuring they had heat when they needed it most.

Three new Worcester GB162 85kW boilers were installed on the opposite wall. This was to allow the existing boilers to operate for as long as possible before shutting down the heating. The heating pipework was also insulated to minimize heat loss.

The new boilers were joined to the existing old heating system via a plate heat exchanger, to create two water circuits. This allows modern condensing boilers to operate efficiently when connected to old heating systems, as this achieves hydraulic water separation and avoids the need for sealing the old system.

The boilers are controlled with sequence and weather compensation controllers. These controls ensure the boilers only operate together when there is a high demand for heat and ensure all the boilers run an equal amount of time over the year.

WiFi enabled smart room thermostats were fitted around the church to enable different heating zones/areas to be heated at different times and temperatures.  These are connected to the internet to enable remote control of the zones from an app, this is useful as the usage for two church halls and other areas can change at short notice. The app also allows easier operation of the thermostats, especially when there are multiple heating zones.

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