Our Christmas Helping Hours

From the Team at Premier Heating

We’re here, helping to keep you warm over Christmas

Need help with a heating or plumbing issue then give us a call

01483 234701 

Our Christmas opening hours this year are:

      Fri 23rd Dec – 8am to 5pm               
            Sat 24th Dec – 8am to 4pm (On standby)
     Sun 25th Dec – Closed                         
     Mon 26th Dec – Closed                          
              Tue 27th Dec – 8am to 4pm (On standby)  
     Wed 28th Dec – 8am to 4pm                 
    Thu 29th Dec – 8am to 4pm               
      Fri 30th Dec – 8am to 4pm               
             Sat 31st Dec – 8am to 4pm (On standby)
    Sun 1st Jan – Closed                     
           Mon 2nd Jan – 8am to 4pm (On standby)