What a challenging & exciting project this was πŸ’ͺπŸ†

During renovation work of St Michaels Abbey in Farnborough, we installed a new heating system using cast iron sectional radiators and steel pipework.

Due to the weight of the radiators, they came in sections which had to be put together in position, with some weighing 472kg when complete. So specialist lifting equipment was used to move the radiators.
The steel pipework had to be bent to closely match many unusually shaped columns and walls.

The radiators and pipework were finished in a RAL paint colour to blend into the surroundings.

The system was designed by ION Consulting Engineers Ltd, with the final positioning of the pipework meeting the requirements of the customer.

St Michaels Abbey
Before the work starts
The radiators were broken down into smaller sections for ease of moving, these sections weighed around 100kg each. A gantry hoist was used to lift the radiators from the delivery pallets onto a motorized stair climber.
Using a motorized stair climber to lift the heavy radiators into the Abbey
Positioning the small sections of the radiators near to there final positions before assembling them together to create the complete radiator, some of which weigh 472kg.
There were 34 complete radiators around the Abbey, broken down into 82 smaller sections.
Steel pipework was run around the walls, to meet the requirements of the customer.
There were many unusually shaped columns, where we had to bend the steel pipe to closely match the walls.
Once the pipework was complete, the pipes were painted the same RAL colour as the radiators to blend into the surroundings.
The new radiators and pipework blending into the background.
The Abbey back to normal with the new heating system working.