Central Heating

Central Heating Installers Guildford, Surrey
Central Heating Installation for Domestic and Commercial

Our installation engineers take great care when installing new boilers, bathrooms, heating and plumbing systems to ensure that the work is carried out correctly, without cutting corners and to give the customer peace of mind.This generally means a little more time is required to complete the job, that others may not allow for.

The work we carry out is to improve the life of the system, to reduce breakdowns and to help make maintenance easier. Where possible we will use copper pipe with soldered joints for heating and hot and cold supplies. Copper may sometimes take longer to install, but when installed correctly, it creates a longer and more reliable life for the system.

The products we use are of the highest quality, available at the time.

High quality materials may cost more initially, but over the life of the system will cost less due to being more reliable. Cheaper products will generally fail to work or start to leak after a short time, leading to costly repair bills; you will therefore end up paying more over the life of the system than if you use our services.

We are looking to work with customers who feel that quality, reliability and a high level of service are the most important factors.

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