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Over time corrosion deposits from radiators and lime scale can collect in your heating system which will reduce fuel efficiency by up to 30%. Controls like pumps and motorised valves will get clogged up and fail, leading to costly breakdown repairs. To prevent this from happening your heating system should have the correct amount of inhibiter added, this should be regularly checked. We recommend using Fernox inhibiters and cleaners.

Corrosion in a heating system can be rapidly increased when there is a leak or incorrect pipework. These problems will allow fresh water and oxygen into the heating system which creates high levels of corrosion and if they are not resolved as soon as possible, radiators and even boilers will start to leak.

When a new boiler is installed it is essential that the system is cleaned because the heat exchangers in new boilers are a lot smaller and will be damaged by sediment from radiators. It is also a requirement of building regulations and conditions of the new boiler’s warranty that heating systems need to be flushed out in accordance to BS7593.

Even in new systems, flux and solder residues will be present and need to be removed, as these can cause damage to the system.

To ensure your system is working to its maximum efficiency corrosion deposits, residues and lime scale need to be removed. Powerflushing is the fastest, most effective way to do this.

Powerflushing is a long process as the boiler, hot water cylinder and radiators are individually cleaned until the water running through them is clean. To improve the process we also agitate the sediment by quickly altering the direction of the water flowing through the system and user a rubber mallet or magnetic roller on the radiators.

Powerflushing will:

  • Improve radiator performance and heat output
  • Extend the life of the boiler
  • Reduce costly repairs, breakdowns and call-out charges
  • Validate new boiler warranty’s
  • Reduce fuel bills and save fuel wastage


When power flushing a system, radiator valves have to be turned on and off. It is therefore essential that they work properly and without leaking. An inspection before powerflushing would normally be necessary to ensure you have good quality, working valves. If new valves are required we will advise you with the additional cost.

As powerflushing only increases the water flow (not pressure), there is no damage to a heating system. Possible problems would occur from a poorly installed system or failure of components.

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