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Why Work For Us?

What our Installation Engineers think:

“Premier Heating: Supply a comfortable and reliable modern van with a petrol card to make filling easy. Supply you with a good van stock of fittings and drill bits and even a Multi tool. Supply you with a good amount of uniform with good modern Premier Heating logo jackets. Always have advice on stand by for those jobs that sometimes take u back a bit (i.e. not all jobs are the same so having someone to help sometimes is good). Seem to allow good time on jobs to be completed to a top standard of work and supply top named materials. Having a large stores on the premises makes life easy when running your job instead of chasing around plumbing merchants. Last of all a good bunch of people and have some good fun out of work (i.e. bowling, go-karting and some good curry nights).”

What our Office Staff think:

“I started working for Premier Heating in 2009, and 7 years later I couldn’t be happier. I have worked in the plumbing & heating sector since leaving school in 2001, and by far this is the best organised, managed and supportive company I have worked for.

With approachable senior management, and a fantastic, humorous & hard working team. I would highly recommend the company to friends & family, in fact anyone who asks! Not only as a company to work for, but a company who can provide an excellent service. I am looking forward to many more years with the company, and enjoy watching the company grow over the years.”