Merry Christmas & Thank You

A special thank you to all our customers who have used our services over this uncertain & difficult year

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Our Christmas office opening hours this year are:

Thursday 24th Dec – 8am to 4pm

Friday 25th Dec – Closed

Saturday 26th Dec – Closed

Sunday 27th Dec – 8am to 4pm (standby 07850145589)

Monday 28th Dec – 8am to 4pm (standby 07850145589)

Tuesday 29th Dec – 8am to 4pm

Wednesday 30th Dec – 8am to 4pm

Thursday 31st Dec – 8am to 4pm 

Friday 1st Jan – Closed

Saturday 2nd Jan – 8am to 4pm (standby 07850145589) 

Sunday 3rd Jan – 8am to 4pm (standby 07850145589) 

We are still open! Coronavirus update

Urgent heating & plumbing repairs and installations

Here at Premier Heating, we’re still carrying out urgent repairs and installation work, during the lockdown period, to ensure you have hot water and heating when you need it most.

Just call our friendly team in Guildford and they will be happy to help.

We aim to get out to breakdowns as soon as possible. Our employed and trained engineers use live updates, to keep on time and get to your property when we say they will.

Coronavirus Working Policies

When at your property we will help stop the spread of coronavirus, by wearing disposable gloves and a face mask. We ask you to keep at least 2 meters away from our engineers, and ideally stay in another room while they work. To help stay safe we ask customers to follow our coronavirus working policy, which you can find here.

For help, call or email us now!

Our Coronavirus Working Procedures

Company Procedure for Limiting The Spread of Coronavirus

As a company we provide installation and maintenance services to our customers. During the current stay at home period, we will still be operational with a reduced service, to only cover essential works such as ensuring customers have heating and hot water, resolving leaks from water, oil & gas pipes and resolving urgent plumbing problems.

We are taking the control of coronavirus seriously, whilst still trying to offer our essential services to our customers.

We have a duty of care for our employees and customers to limit the risk of them contracting and/or spreading the virus.

To help control the coronavirus, we ask our customers to:

  1. Expect to see our engineers wearing disposable gloves and putting on a face mask before entering the property.

  2. Expect to see our engineers having a 5 minute break outside after every 1 hour of wearing a mask.

  3. Ensure the area around where our engineer needs to work is fully clear of removable objects and clean.

  4. Open a window in or near the area of main work, before, during and for at least 1 hour after the engineer has left.

  5. Designate one person in the property to deal with our engineer.

  6. Open the door to let our engineer in and then step back at least 2 meters.

  7. Keep at least 2m distance from our engineer at all times, ideally staying in a different room.

  8. Ensure other people in the property stay in a different room.

  9. Don’t offer engineers drinks or food.

  10. Pay by credit/debit card or bank transfer.

  11. Clean the area where our engineer was after he has finished.

  12. Ensure the work area is well ventilated for about 1 hour after the engineer has left.

Merry Christmas

A big thank you to all our customers

who have used our services over the last year

Wishing you a Merry Christmas 

and a Happy New Year


Our Christmas office opening hours this year are:

Monday 23rd Dec – 8am to 5.30pm

Tuesday 24th Dec – 8am to 4pm

Wednesday 25th Dec – Closed

Thursday 26th Dec – Closed

Friday 27th Dec – 8am to 4pm

Monday 30th Dec – 8am to 4pm

Tuesday 31st Dec – 8am to 4pm

Wednesday 1st Jan – Closed

Thursday 2nd Jan – 8am to 5.30pm

Friday 3rd Jan – 8am to 5.30pm