“The Damon Hill Karting Challenge for halow”

Another exciting & fun charity event “The Damon Hill Karting Challenge for halow”🏎🏁


Well done to our Team – Leigh Lush, Charlotte Wignall, Paul Pike & Keith Richards who entered the charity event to help raise funds for The halow project

There were 31 teams taking part in the 2.5 hour charity karting event and even though the level of the other drivers were too high for our team to make a challenge for the win, we still had fun racing round the outdoor circuit.

We got to race against one of the patrons and co-founder, of the halow project, a former F1 world champion, Damon Hill along with Jonny Herbert and other racing drivers.

Happy Easter

We’ve got it covered….👌

Heating or plumbing problem over Easter, relax, we have engineers on standby waiting to help you 👩‍🔧🧑‍🔧

Call us on 01483 234701 ☎️

Back in the days… 🫣

Our founders, John & Mick, carrying out some roof work in the late 60’s / early 70’s. Back then, plumbers used to do a lot of lead work on roofs, as well as lead piping. 👨‍🔧

Now a days there is no lead pipework, as it was found to be unsafe for potable water and any lead roof work is carried out by a specialist roofer.

Health & Safety legislation these days promotes a safer way of working with scaffolding, etc! 👷‍♂️

60+ years on and we’re still here, helping you to have heating & hot water when you need it most 🔥

One common roofing problem that causes damp…

Do you want to know one of the MOST common roofing problems that causes damp?


Do you have a tiled pitched roof with a felt underlay fitted before 2000?


Do you have signs of damp on walls close to the roof?


 Then chances are your felt underlay has rotted away near to the gutter, allowing water to pass into the cavity, causing damp walls!

This common problem can be fixed without the need to re-felt the whole of your roof.

See below how this problem can be resolved:

The lower section of tiles are removed, with the felt underlay cut away

A plastic tray is then fitted to the base of the rafters, which overhangs into the gutter

A new lower section of felt underlay is then fitted

New tile batten is fitted

The existing tiles are then put back

For any roofing works please call 01483 234701 or email info@premierheating.net